NatureMetrics Ltd.

NatureMetrics’ nature intelligence subscription service is the world’s first nature intelligence solution powered by eDNA technology. The service provides continuous nature impact monitoring at scale, enabling standardized performance measurement of natural ecosystems across whole portfolios.

Herdwatch Limited

Herdwatch is a market leading farm management app and platform for arable, beef, dairy, sheep and suckler farmers. It allows farmers to record medicine usage (compliant with Red Tractor and other Quality Assurance schemes), register calves and movements, or weights in seconds from their phone, and get on top of their breeding cycle with their award-winning app.


DRONEQUBE is an innovative agri-tech startup that specializes in autonomous drone technology for precision agriculture, with a focus on viticulture. Leveraging advanced data analytics, AI-driven anomaly detection, and precision spraying techniques, DRONEQUBE aims to address critical challenges faced by the wine-growing industry. These challenges include the impacts of global warming on vineyard yields, the rising costs associated with an aging agricultural workforce, and the increasing residues on food from traditional farming practices.

Yellow Brick Capital

An agritech focused company with direct involvement in agricultural and related hardware and software. Yellow Brick Capital‘s focus is on critical resource management and control, through precision software and hardware. The group is made up of the following divisions:

Smart Fertilizer Software: A precision fertigation software
I-Feeder Technologies: A fertigation and chemigation hardware manufacturer
PlantMetrics: Plant sensors capable of communications and commands
OLA: A consultancy platform
YB IndoorFarm: An innovation incubator and indoor farming franchise and real estate investment
MyFarmStore: An online marketplace for product leasing and product sales
Natural resource protection, artificial resource usage minimization, and knowledge sharing. We build hardware, software and knowledge ecosystems around irrigation, fertigation and resource management.

Taylor Technologies

Taylor Technologies specialises in the R&D of agricultural technology. Our flagship project is RUMEX, the “See, Spray, Map” spot-spraying system for the targeted control of grassland weeds. In addition to technology development, they offer consulting and freelance technical services to support other Agri-Tech companies in the UK and abroad.


SoilEssentials Ltd, the leading Scottish precision agriculture specialists, are based near the foot of the Angus Glens and make it their business to make a farmer’s life easier and more profitable by farming smarter. The two directors, Jim Wilson and Robert Ramsay, each have a working farm in Angus and a firm passion for all that is precision. With a heritage in farming practices, the ability to use and test their innovative products in-situ, is so important. With an extensive product and service portfolio, SoilEssentials Ltd complement this with their status as authorise Trimble dealer for Northern UK.


RHIZA, the first Digital Agronomy brand on the UK market was launched in March, 2019. As a step forward from the precision farming solutions, RHIZA is now extending the offering to digital agronomy tools and technologies.

RHIZA brings together the combined strengths of SoilQuest and IPF which is already in use on over 500,000 Ha of arable land across the UK.
We work incredibly closely with leading farmers and agronomists. Our years of experience with creating management zones based upon in-field soil variations, puts RHIZA in a unique position to maximise the benefits of digital agriculture.

RHIZA also incorporates many years of R&D, agricultural satellite imaging and analysis – including the only radar-derived crop growth models, and the highest resolution (3.5m2) and best image frequency available – which is why we will continue to lead developments in the future. Every account is assigned to a dedicated and qualified account manager from day one to tailor a package completely personalised and adapted for the needs of each farm.

Outfield Technologies

Outfield solves the challenge of forecasting fruit yield in advance. Combining innovative machine learning with drone technology, we help farmers manage the lifecycle of fruit in their orchard – making farms more efficient, more profitable and more sustainable.


24/7 global farm optimisation and welfare service supporting all technologies deployed on farm in real time and ensuring good animal welfare and optimal performance is achieved and recorded in real time 24 hours a day.

NextGenAgri Ltd

NextGenAgri is focused on enabling British Agriculture to evolve through technology led innovation. The UK farming industry has always led innovation, NextGenAgri enables farms to accelerate the adoption of technology to accelerate business growth. NextGenAgri provides a range of solutions that couple innovation with the critical challenges of the UK agricultural community.

These include increasing field and farm yield; asset and farm security and worker safety. Working in close collaboration with each of our customers allows us to embed NextGenAgri as part of the operational team of any farm. In addition, NextGenAgri is always willing to partner and collaborate with companies that have unique and market leading capability and want to team to go to market.