Nofence delivers a virtual fencing solution for cattle, sheep and goat.
The Nofence app allows the farmer to draw pastures using their finger;
the herd is equipped with collars that produce an audio warning if they cross
the boundary. If the animal does not turn around a mild electric pulse is
applied. Instead of using their vision, the animals use their ears to listen
for the fence.


Mantle Labs

Mantle Labs processes billions of pixels of image data simultaneously from multiple satellites to provide a data cube of the earth. We look at vegetation health, soil moisture, climate impact and human activities on the surface of the earth. Using proprietary petabyte scale deep learning engines, we are able to provide high resolution data, every day, anywhere on the globe. No cloud gaps, actual measurements, daily.

Kilimo IoT

Kilimo IoT Ltd provides services and hardware in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector, with a focus on precision agriculture. We have developed an intelligent, scalable, and easy to use IoT platform used for provisioning sensors from which we acquire useful data. We use Low Power Long-range communication systems which is cost-effective for our application.

Using the data collected, our system generates useful insights which the farmer can use to; improve productivity, increase environmental sustainability, enhance crop yield and increase profits from their smart farming operations.

Intercity Technology

Intercity Technology is a family-owned British business, which has delivered future-proof digital solutions to thousands of businesses for over three decades. With regional hubs in the Midlands, North West and South East, we deliver a cloud platform from our UK-based Data Centres, which ensures our partners are supported by our technical staff, who are on hand 24/7/365. This helps to ensure that organisations data is secure, confidential, and always available.

We work closely with our trusted partners, who help us supply the highest level of industry expertise and cutting-edge IT solutions in managed services, security, cloud infrastructure services, enterprise mobility, and collaboration tools. This collaborative strength enables us to access new opportunities in the Agri-Tech space and provide robust digital solutions. If you are like us, you love how technology empowers and supports businesses.

Innovent Technology Ltd

Innovent Technology Ltd. is a small technology company based in Scotland deploying agri-tech solutions around the globe. Our aim has always been to deliver precision livestock farming to our customers to enable them to run a more efficient and profitable business.

Innovent Technology Ltd

Our two-flagship product are, Qscan and Qbox Analysis, together they provide a solution to monitoring weight and behaviour of animals that allow management support decisions to enhance profitability. Qscan is a machine vision product and Qbox is an award-winning data analytics tool analysing both data from the live animal and tying that in data from the slaughter house.


Livestock management is in the palm of your hand with iLivestock. The iLivestock team worked with farmers around the world for over ten years to understand the on-farm challenges of livestock farming. They came up with a software and hardware solution to make it easy for sheep and beef cattle farmers to manage flocks and herds on the go.

iLivestock is designed to:

– work everywhere on the farm with a smartphone or tablet;

– simplify farm compliance and record keeping;

– remove cost barriers to effective livestock management and weighing;

– allow data capture to fit seamlessly into farming routines.

Based in Scotland, every iLivestock solution is developed, built, and tested in the UK

Hummingbird Technologies

Hummingbird Technologies is an artificial intelligence business, using imagery and data analytics from satellite, drone, plane and robot technology, along with proprietary algorithms, to provide farmers with high-resolution maps of their crops at critical decision-making junctions in the season. Hummingbird uses the most advanced machine learning and computer vision techniques, delivering actionable insights on crop health directly to the field. Hummingbird offers a range of different services across crops such as Cereals, Potatoes, Soybean, Sugar Beet and Oilseed Rape/Canola. These services include crop stress detection, detection of diseases, weed grass mapping, nutrient management mapping as well as yield prediction and plant counting in row crops.


HOPS AgTech partners with Agri Tech companies and provides routes to market, distribution and R&D support for their products and services with a focus on labour efficiency, safety and training, farm productivity and data use.

HOPS AgTech develops and markets its own software for the efficient recruitment and management of seasonal workers and harvest resources on farms.

Herd Advance Ltd

Herd Advance seamlessly brings together precision hardware and data driven software to bring you real-time analytics on your herd. Their innovative herd solutions provides their customers and end-users with a system that enables them to digitise their herd, drive growth performance, increase health identification, improve labour efficiency and health and safety. Their cutting edge mobile application lets you monitor 24/7 the statistics and status of your herd on-the-go from your smartphone or device.


FLOX uses advanced machine vision technology to bring better visibility and performance to the high-welfare broiler industry.