UK-Argentina market visit expands international collaboration in agri-tech


The past couple of weeks, Agri-EPI and the Agri-Tech Centres have been facilitating a successful market exchange visit in collaboration with Movimento CREA and AgriTIERRA for three market-ready start-ups interested in entering the Argentine market.

We were joined by three companies, iLivestockPastoral, and N2 Applied, who got to meet with a range of innovators, farmers, distributors and industry representatives, to give a better picture of market challenges and opportunities.

Funded by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, this visit forms part of a larger effort to enable regional UK-LATAM agri-tech collaboration and to further develop international agri-tech ecosystems.

CREA’s Gabriel Tinghitella, said:

“During the last two weeks we travelled more than 3,000km in Argentina. We visited institutions, agricultural companies, distributors, research centers, and more. Our intention was for the visiting start-ups to recognise and understand the local realities in Argentina and to link them with different types of actors who, in different ways, can enhance their landing processes in this market.”


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