UK-LATAM exchange visits expand international collaboration in agri-tech


This month, Agri-EPI and the Agri-Tech Centres facilitated a market exchange visit to Brazil. In collaboration with one of LATAM’s leading agricultural research and innovation organisations, Embrapa, and jointly with AgriTIERRA, three market-ready start-ups interested in entering new markets took part in the visit.

Delegates from UK start-ups AbacusBioActisense and Wyld Networks joined the 2-week long visit, where they got to meet with a range of innovators, farmers, distributors and industry representatives to give a better picture of the agri-tech ecosystem, and market challenges and opportunities in Brazil.

The UK start-ups have been able to align their solutions to challenge areas identified during this trip and learn more about how to access opportunities relating to R&D, demonstration and building networks in the Brazilian market.

Funded by Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, this visit forms part of a larger effort to enable regional UK-LATAM agri-tech collaboration and to further develop international agri-tech ecosystems.

Ross Robertson, Head of Agri-Tech (Mixed) at Agri-EPI Centre, explained:

“The trip to Brazil has been really beneficial for the delegates we facilitated out there. It has allowed them to see the gaps that their services could fill in South America and to form partnerships and expand their business models.”

A visit from Argentina to the UK is next planned for early 2024. Thank you to all of the companies who contributed and shared their time with us so far as a part of this project.


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