Upskilling industry with AHDB Developing Pig Expertise Programme


AHDB is currently seeking participants to join the pilot Developing Pig Expertise (DPE) Programme. The DPE Programme is a series of practical workshops during which individuals working in the pig industry can share knowledge and experience to build an increased understanding of how value is created along the supply chain. We invite our members to look into the details of the DPE Programme and submit expressions of interest.

Pig Development programme

The Developing Pig Expertise (DPE) Programme is being piloted to provide professional development to individuals that advise pig producers and upskill new entrants to the industry. DPE has been influenced by the successful AHDB Beef & Lamb Developing Expertise programmes, AHDB Educational Strategy, and Knowledge Exchange (KE) offer within the academic and commercial sectors.

The aim of the DPE Programme is to widen the network of experts available to support the AHDB Pork Knowledge Exchange delivery plan, including:

  • Facilitation of and presentation at events and training courses
  • Contribution to resource development, including written materials, tools and videos
  • Technical input within the Farm Excellence programme
  • Engagement within the Pig Innovation Network (PiN) and H2020 EUPiG project

Further information about AHDB Pork can be found on the website.

Detecting pig tail biting by TailTech

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