Hoofcount is a 10-year-old family business, focusing on how to keep cows’ hoofs clean and healthy. Their project is aimed at using vision to develop an early detection lameness monitoring system. It has won funding from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), part of Defra’s Farming Innovation Programme, for feasibility studies combining innovation with research and […]

Agri-EPI welcomes new Academic Partnerships Manager, Wendy Hewitson

Agri-EPI Centre has welcomed on board a new Academic Partnerships Manager to their team, Wendy Hewitson. Wendy has a diverse background, with twenty years experience within the retail sector, followed by a further twelve years at Barclays, where she spent the last five as the AgriTech programme manager for Barclays Eagle Labs. Wendy was one […]

MATCH, on tour – 6th September, 8:30am to 10:30am

Book your place Agri-EPI in collaboration with The University of Edinburgh invites you to attend our networking breakfast on the 6th September. The University of Edinburgh’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies incorporates the Roslin Institute and the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems, among other entities. Research at the Easter Bush Campus offers […]

Midlands Agri-Tech Coffee Hour (MATCH) Summer BBQ – 2nd August, 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Book your place Agri-EPI invites you to attend our networking coffee hour Summer BBQ at the Midlands Agri-Tech Hub on the 2nd of August. Use this opportunity to chat and get to know each other, fostering new connections and opportunities for collaboration within Agri-Tech. Joining us will be one of our members, Festo. There will […]

JoJo’s Vineyard farm tour – 25th July, 10:30am to 1:30pm

Book your place Agri-EPI invites you to attend an on-farm day at JoJo’s Vineyard in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire on the 25th of July 10AM-1:30PM. There are a limited number of tickets available, and we will be accepting registration on a first-come, first-serve basis. This event will be hosted by Ian Beecher-Jones, Owner of JoJo’s Vineyard and […]

#34 Streamlining Livestock Management with iLivestock

In this episode of the podcast, Thomas Slattery interviews Ewen Wardman, CEO and co-founder of iLivestock, a company that provides software and hardware solutions to simplify and streamline the data capture process for livestock farmers all over the world.  Ewan shares the inspiration behind the creation of iLivestock, which came about while he worked for […]

#33: Gas Analysis and Detection in Agriculture

In this episode of Seedling Sessions, Thomas Slattery sits down with David Booth, Group Technical Sales Manager at Analox, a company specializing in gas analysis and detection. Booth shares his extensive experience in gas analysis and detection, and specifically how his expertise is being applied in the agri-food sector. From monitoring ruminant gas emissions to working […]

#31: Connecting Farm Data to the Agri-Food Industry

In this episode, Thomas Slattery speaks with Rich Vecqueray, CEO of Map of Ag, a data business that connects farm data to the agri-food industry. Rich explains how Map of Ag brings together farm data at scale so that the industry can connect with their supplying farms. Rich talks about his background as a vet and how he became […]

#30 Agri-Tech and changing skill requirements in agriculture

In this episode, Thomas Slattery takes a closer look at how technological advancements and the changing requirements in the agricultural farming sector are shaping the skill sets and capabilities needed for success.  Our guest, Darren Houghton, Head of Agritech at Eden Search is an expert talent specialist for agri-tech and agriculture and works with businesses to find senior leaders […]