UK Agri-Tech Showcase events March 2019

Innovations in practice at Agri-Tech Centres’ showcase events

A soil testing robot, a drone that collects real-time, leaf-level crop data and a range of sensors aiding precision livestock management were amongst technologies on display at two recent innovation events held by the UK’s four Agri-Tech Centres.
Delegation of the Agri-Tech Expert Mission to Australia February 2019

Agri-EPI’s Antipodean Missions

Agri-EPI Projects Managers Freddie Reed and Duncan Forbes and gained a valuable insight into the antipodean agri-tech sector when they recently took part in Agri-Tech Expert Missions to Australia and New Zealand respectively.
Agri-EPI expands with new appointments

Agri-EPI expands with new appointments

Agri-EPI is pleased to announce the expansion of its team following four key appointments. Chief Executive Dave Ross said: “This is an extremely busy and exciting time for Agri-EPI as we drive forward...

Driving innovation in Agri-food with our new members

It’s only with the support of our members, that we can bring significant change in agri-food. We seek to match the unique capabilities of our members with other partners to pioneer technology in the real-world and drive innovation. By growing our membership network...
Banner Midlands Agri-Tech Innovation Hub

Membership Stakeholder Day 2019

Agri-EPI Centre is inviting all her members to attend this year’s Membership Stakeholder Day. Members will hear about the direction Agri-EPI Centre is taking to fulfil its role within Agri-Tech as accelerator. They will get the latest on the developments within the Agri-Tech industry and can expect to hear about projects and research trials we […]
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