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Antobot: ‘Project Insight’

The data from Insight will transform the grower’s business with accurate yield estimation, real-time crop management, and increased efficiency of labour and resources.

Labour shortages, climate change, and increasing pressure on productivity in agriculture can only realistically be addressed by increasing automation and digital technology.

Antobot is meeting this need with its novel crop scouting robot, Insight, initially targeting the high-value fruit sector, with the aim of digitalising at the earliest growth stages. The product is highly innovative by using advanced technologies (e.g., autonomous navigation, artificial intelligence) at an affordable level – a key factor for wide adoption.

Using agri-tech solutions to improve the health and wellbeing of dairy heifers, the Healthy Heifer project provides dairy farmers with the insights and information into animal health they need to make better-informed decisions, boost productivity and efficiency on-farm.

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